Workshop On Critical Thinking Skills

Empowered Learning Systems Pvt. Ltd.


PUNE, 8-9 SEPTEMBER, 2011.

Venue: Mahratta Chamber of Commerce – ICC Chambers, Senapati Bapat Road, Pune.

Registration Contact: Varsha
Tel: 020 32913895
10:30 am – 5:30 pm
(Mon – Fri)
  • Workshop Timings: 9.30 am to 5.30 pm
  • Your Investment: 15000/ + 10.3% tax.
  • Lunch and refreshments included.
  • Participation Certificate included.

Workshop Description

Most companies struggle to find a systematic and disciplined approach to solve problems quickly and effectively. This results in the loss of valuable time and money as trial and error approaches and blame fixing abound. This workshop will train the participants to find the correct and accurate starting point for incident and problem investigations.

The benefit of KEPNER and FOURIE (K&F) is that it is a process based approach. Managers develop the competency in a proven and tested method of finding causes to problems that will save time and money and eliminate recurring issues. Once the reasons have been identified and verified, the participants would be equipped with specific techniques for information gathering and analysis to enable them to find innovative fixes.

While the whole suite of the THINKINGWORKS™ approach has multiple modules, this Workshop on Critical Thinking Skills focuses on Managing Priorities (PRIORITYWISE™) and practical Problem Solving (CAUSEWISE™) using a case-based, application oriented methodology which will equip participants with specific tools for their use.

History and experience with our clients show that Managers require a structured process and “how to” method of approaching and working through a vexing situation. The K&F approach resonates well with their technical skills and becomes a natural addition to their existing toolbox of incident investigations and problem solving techniques. This approach also reduces the mean-time-to-solve an incident, saves time in problem solving meetings, involves the correct information sources, and removes the normal frustrations experienced with multi-dimensional incident investigation and problem solving.

Target Audience

Senior Managers, Managers, Functional Heads, Project Managers and decision makers from all industries.

Typical Outcome

  • Common and shared understanding of the problem situation and ensuring that all the stakeholders are well informed and in agreement before moving on.
  • Managers learn to solve problems rather than complaining about them.
  • Proper evaluation and analysis of all stakeholder interests.
  • Priorities on agreed evaluation criteria that fit the particular problem situation.
  • Problem solvers will have the confidence to know which probing questions to ask and what to do with the information in order to extract the most probable cause.
  • There will be less blame fixing and finger pointing when dealing with problem situations.
  • The reduction of “jumping to cause” fixes that normally account for the expensive revisiting of the problem and its real causes. The elimination of trial and error practices.


Prasad Deshpande, Director, Empowered Learning Systems, will be the Lead Facilitator of this Workshop. An Engineer by qualification, and a seasoned Management professional and organizational Coach, he has nearly 20 years’ experience in multiple domains, including Consultancy, Sales and Business academics. He has contributed to a wide range of Industrial segments including FMCG, Industrial Consumables, Project Selling, Information Technology and Service sectors at all levels of management & staff personnel. A Certified K&F Facilitator, Prasad not only trains but consults with organisations on ‘live projects’ using the K&F methodology.

Empowered Learning Systems Pvt. Ltd. ( is a well-established & leading firm specialising in Business Consulting, Training, Coaching & Organisation Processes. Having contributed to over 500 firms in India & overseas over nearly 20 years, they are the sole certified practitioners of the KEPNER and FOURIE THINKING TECHNOLOGY™ for India.


For best benefits from this workshop, Companies are advised to send teams of 2 or 3 Managers as more than 50% of the workshop time is on ‘live’ participant issues and progressing their issue to a logical conclusion.

Empowered Learning Systems Pvt. Ltd.
#101, Lords Manor,
Sahaney Sujan Park,
Lullanagar, Pune- 411040.

  • No cancellation allowed within 14 days of commencement of workshop.
  • Substitutions allowed with prior intimation.
  • Last date for registration is 2nd September 2011.
  • All payments to be made by cheque only, favouring “Empowered Learning Systems Pvt. Ltd.” Pune.
  • 10% discount for 3 or more delegates

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